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Highly Interactive Virtual Reality Solutions

'Images have a huge influence on our brains and therewith have a strong influence on our emotions and our pattern of thought.'

CleVR specializes in creating complete and customized Virtual Reality (VR) solutions. CleVR delivers interactive custom built VR software and hardware for a wide range of purposes in the (Mental) Health Care sector (such as fear of heights, fear of flying, Psychosis and Social Phobia) and training sector, where the user is able to interact with the computer in a natural and intuitive way. These products are combined in a unique package that our customers can use straight away.

We have our own service & support team that is specially trained to support our customers with problems and answer all their questions. To keep our customers fully up to date, we also offer custom training sessions and workshops.

The VR systems are based on a treatment technique called Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET). VRET has been scientifically proven to be effective by the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) after a decade of research; and many other international research groups. CleVR combines the effectiveness of exposure therapy with the accessibility of a virtual environment. CleVR is a spin-off company from this research and located in the ‘incubator’ of YES!Delft.

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Reducing pain of burn patients during wound care in Martini Ziekenhuis Groningen

The Burn Center of the Martini Hospital in Groningen received funding for the development of an interactive Virtual Reality (VR) world that will be used during the treatment of burn patients. The software will be developed by CleVR. VR will be used to reduce the pain during wound care and rehabilitation for children and adolescents, so less or even no medication is needed.

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UMCG starts with virtual reality

This summer UMCG/UCP, coöperating with other mental health centers, start with the treatment of psychosis clients using Virtual Reality (Exposure Treatment). For this purpose CleVR developed four interactive virtual worlds.

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Baby Tycoon Award

We made it to the semifinals of the Baby Tycoon Award!
Feel free to support us when we are presenting our company!
The semifinals will take place in Holland Casino in Scheveningen at 7pm, March 26th.
Hope to see you all there!


Nomination for Shell LiveWIRE Award

CleVR made it to the final round of the Shell LiveWIRE Award!

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Nomination for ICT~Office Innovation Award

CleVR has been nominated for theICT~Office Innovatie Award. The National ICT~Awards put Dutch innovative ICT-initiatives in the spotlight to stimulate better applications of ICT in businesses, non-profit organisations and governments. The ICT~Office Innovation Award is awarded to the person or organisation that deserves an encouragement for its strategic and leading roll in an innovation process.

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CleVRET system released

Our CleVRET system has been released! Using this system, therapists can treat people with fear of flying or fear of heights in a highly controlled manner, without requiring them to leave the therapy room at all.

More information about the new CleVRET system can be found at our products section.